DNA Testing by Arkham Laboratory Collections

Are you curious about your genetic makeup? Look no further than our DNA testing services. With cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals, we provide accurate results that can help with Maternity Testing, Paternity Testing, Siblingship, Grandparentship, U.S Citizenship, Immigration, Forensics and Non-Standard Testing. In regards to any of these tests you can rely on us to provide accurate results. Whether you're seeking answers for personal reasons, legal, informational or medical purposes, our comprehensive testing options offer valuable insights that can help guide your future decisions. You can also consult our technologists to provide a range of drug testing options to accommodate different needs and situations. Contact Arkham Laboratory Collections today to schedule a test!

Paternity testing is done to resolve a dispute about who the father of a child is and provide legal proof of paternity, which can be important for child support, custody, inheritance, and other legal matters. Not only disputes but paternity testing can also help you learn about your medical history. Your biological father's medical history can give you valuable information about your own risk of developing certain genetic conditions. The results of the test are used for court proceedings, medical settings, and personal relationships.

Like paternity testing, maternity testing is done when there is a dispute about who the mother of a child is. The test can also resolve any emotional uncertainty. Knowing the truth about your maternity can help you to build a stronger relationship with your child, regardless of the results of the test. The test that we do is also used if an adoptee is trying to find their biological mother, which is important for them to learn about their medical history and to connect with their biological family.